Morning Prayer: 40/100. The Door Problem.

I haven’t discovered the truth of the young boy’s freeing the 18-wheeler truck wedged beneath an overpass. Story is he suggested they let air out of the tires. I have discovered the accuracy of his principle! Cindy and I expected the delivery of a new chair for our living room. We wanted to move the […]

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Morning Prayer 11/100. Sitting still

I am sitting still. I am moving at jet speed. Both are true. Each is a blessing. [Note: this was drafted in flight Thursday 7/16] United flight 1591 is at 35,000 feet and on the way to San Francisco. Cindy’s and my vacation started officially when the wheels left the ground. We cannot get to […]

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Expressing Peace. Change. 93.

I have some thoughts about change and peace. Let’s compare yours and  mine. Change alters our familiar “way of….”. We adopt or resist such change. Change, then, has us use the energy our “way of…” allowed us to conserve. That “way of…” is our comfort zone. Our comfort zone is a place of peace. We know it, we like […]

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Expressing Peace. Giving Help. 92.

As hard as it may sometimes be to ask for help, giving help is a snap. There’s a sweet children’s book — Mr. Tweed’s Good Deeds — which teaches counting but even more teaches the joy and the gifting of helping others. As Mr. Tweed walks through the village, he encounters friends and acquaintances who’ve […]

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