Morning Prayer 11/100. Sitting still

sitting still

Sitting Still

I am sitting still. I am moving at jet speed. Both are true. Each is a blessing. [Note: this was drafted in flight Thursday 7/16]

United flight 1591 is at 35,000 feet and on the way to San Francisco. Cindy’s and my vacation started officially when the wheels left the ground. We cannot get to San Francisco and all it (and Northern California) offers soon enough. The excitement of seeing friends, viewing scenery, hearing sounds are strong lures indeed.

And some part of me is in no hurry. This time in flight frees me from having to do anything. I allow myself to just sit. To let thoughts flow through my mind without being wrestled to meaning. To let concerns of what has happened and what will happen dissolve into the jet’s wake.

Being still allows the ultimate grounding. I can more readily still my mind when I rest my body. Ideal for me are my meditation cushion most mornings and my front porch chair many afternoons. Almost ironic that right now I feel completely grounded 35,000 feet off the ground. Yet the peace of knowing God’s presence no matter where Cindy and I are, no matter where we travel does ground me fully. Pure truth to the passage, “Be still, and know that I am God.”

How often do you allow yourself to be still? Absolutely still?

Still in your body and still in your mind?

Have you a special place that encourages your stillness?

Have you special rituals or actions to support your stillness?

Ever Present God,
when I sit and allow my Self to know
you are not merely with me —
you are inside me, filling me with your Being,
with Spirit — I know the perfect Peace.
Whether flying high above the earth or sitting quietly
in meditation, the joy of feeling your fulfilling me
satisfies and soothes and brings me  blessings.
I know that you are Perfect and Presence and all Good.
That allows me to know that I am too.
Thank you, God. 

Love and blessings,





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