Praying Made Easy. 14. To Release Judgment.

To release judgment

To release judgment…
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How hard is it to release judgment? I know it can be a major task. Whether judgment of an individual, of an event, of what someone says or does, of a group of people. The list can go on and on and on.

it Iis one thing to make and hold a judgment and subsequently to release it, to let it go. Sounds and feels a lot like forgiveness. No reason to split hairs. To release judgment of a specific instance brings blessings all their own. Peace. Forgiveness. Joy. Comfort. This list, too, can go on and on.

So let’s consider the effort to release judgment as a practice or a habit or an approach to life. Because letting go of judgment and not having to do it time after time is a good deal. I’m talking about a proactive effort to let go of judgment from the get-go. Maybe a good analogy is from my quitting smoking 40 years ago. Seems like a simple choice between stubbing out the current cigarette versus giving up smoking full time. Seems the latter is better and in the long run has a higher return.

Please note. The attention here is to judgment that relates to blame, ill-will, feelings of superiority and/or negativity. That is distinct from discernment, which is essential to our daily lives. Which car to buy. Whether to paint the bathroom orange or green. The choice of a doughnut or a bagel for breakfast.

To my way of thinking releasing myself from being judgmental, as it fits changing my behavior, is a 3-step procedure.

  1. Separate the type(s) of judgment you want to discard. Be clear that this is a category you want to release entirely. One example for me is judgment of someone else’s performance. I am not here to score how well others’ do anything.
  2. Now, reflect on a recent few times when you’ve practiced that judgment type (like, when I’ve judged someone’s performance). Recall any feelings you had after making such judgments (feelings I had after thinking I could perform better).
  3. Finally, select or create a phrase–a mantra–to repeat quickly 5 times. Anytime you feel such judgment coming on. My mantra: Not mine to judge. Again: Not mine to judge. Not mine to judge. Then: Not mine to judge. Once more: Not mine to judge.

I am confident if works.

Praying to Release Judgment

Good friend, God,
the joy of forgiveness and the freedom it brings
are bought for the price of judgment.
Your guidance, your grace, and your reminders
enable us to set aside the judgment
that creates our need to forgive.
You guide us to hold in highest consciousness
that we are One.
Your grace fills us with certainty
that we are all of Spirit.
You remind us in unlimited ways
that to judge one another is a wholly human trait
and to know one another as your perfect creation
is a holy trait of the Christ in each of us.
For this we are thankful.
Thankful enough to release judgment
and embrace your love.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,



28 February 2018

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