Praying Made Easy. 13. To Forgive Yourself

Forgive Yourself; Let It Go

Forgiving Yourself
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Forgive yourself first, and it’s easier to forgive another. Publius Syrius, a Latin writer, said: “How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself.” It has to be easier and forgiving someone else from a happy state. Even if we’re not needing to forgive someone else, that happy state’s a better place to be.

Scientific research shows that emotional trauma registers in the body’s nervous system. Your body and my body. That registration then depicts itself with demonstrated emotional responses. Notable and relevant reasons to forgive yourself are guilt, sadness, and limiting beliefs.

When we perform a misdeed that hurts someone, we likely feel guilty. If our behavior is a mistake that costs us some loss, sadness results. To suffer continuous doubt is a limiting belief. All of these are emotional responses demonstrating trauma registered in the body’s nervous system.

Here are two ways to achieve emotional release. This release frees your nervous system. The emotion will have checked out and “left the building.”

  1. Shifting statements (thanks to Abraham-Hicks). This works best with the continuous doubt/limiting beliefs. Consider the emotional expression: “I am always slow getting things done.” Let’s shift that to “Wouldn’t it be nice to get this job done early.” The key is the “Wouldn’t it be nice…” as the opening for your shifted statement. Just keep it true.
  2. Visualize the registered emotions as gone. For someone who is heavily left-brain conscious, this takes practice, practice, practice. it is not logical and it is not verbal, two left-brain characteristics. It is creative and so it is right-brained. See the guilt or sadness or other emotion as an object such as a suitcase or a rocket ship or a flaming arrow. You can see the object going away, launched into outer space, or shot in the air to vanish in its own flames. Something you can see as repeatedly as necessary.

A Prayer to Forgive Yourself

Living, loving God, how wonderful the ability to forgive.
That doesn’t mean it’s always easy.
Releasing everything but certainty
of love and spiritual Oneness
can be a strain and effort.
And so we’re ready and willing to take on ways
to make forgiving others all the easier.
If those ways brings us greater happiness,
so much the better.
With your good guidance, God, we understand
we want to forgive ourselves first.
We want to make the friendly effort
to replace our doubt with “Wouldn’t it be nice…”
or some similar statement all our own.
Powered by creative visioning that comes from you
we see all other feelings as disposable objects.
And we gladly discard them. Let them go.
And so it is, Sweet Spirit, that we forgive ourselves.
And so we let it be, joyfully. Amen.

Love and blessings,



19 February 2018

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