Praying Made Easy. 12. To Know No Lack.

There is a trick if you want to know no lack. A trick so simple it’s very easy to forget, if you don’t completely overlook it in the first place.

And the reason it’s good to know no lack–other than the obvious–is that what we know, we experience. And what we experience is our reality. Ergo (a word not often used), to know lack is to experience, to realize lack. To know no lack…well, let’s look into it.

When we concentrate really hard on what we want, we really have two options. We can concentrate on the what or we can concentrate on the want. Better to concentrate on the first, the what.

Know Lack: Poems

Here’s a personal example. I concentrate really hard on wanting a literary magazine to publish one of my poems. It can be any literary magazine. It can be any of my poems. That translates to the true fact that I want to remove my “lack of being published.” That further translates to the true fact that I am making “non-published” my reality.

Here’s the trick. I can concentrate instead on the poem, the published poem. I can focus my attention on everything about that poem: the idea, the joy derived from writing it and revising it, the submissions, and visioning it on a literary magazine page. The published poem is my reality because it’s what I guide my mind to experience.

That’s the trick: concentrate on what you want, not on wanting what you want.

OK, it seems like a fine line between the two options. I call it a slight-of-mind trick. It’s a trick but no trickery. It’s a trick that delivers the treat of not feeling the emptiness, the treat of knowing no lack. I assure you I feel much better with my mind around a published poem–no matter when it’s real–than around the lack of published verses.

Praying to Know No Lack

Good Friend God
who lets us enjoy the abundance of living
the independence to be as we will,
when and where and how we will,
we celebrate knowing no lack.
We appreciate that when we feel that we are without
our minds manifest that reality and the experience
that we are without.
We delight in your letting us know the simple act
of seeing, knowing, feeling, and already having
what we want.
Let our focus be on the result and not on the time and effort
between now and its manifestation.
Let us know manifestation not measured by when or how.
As full as our lives are, we truly know no lack.
Thank you, God, that it is so! Amen.

Love and blessings,



12 February 2018

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