Praying is….this, that, and the other

Praying Is, Does, Has

Praying Is, Does, Has

What is praying?

A couple of years ago, if you’d asked me how long I’d been praying, I would have said, “Five or six years.”

I would have been wrong. Praying has been a lifelong practice. Whether I knew  it or not.

My answer pinpointed the active attention and expression I gave to “talking to God.” I may have meant talking-to-God both for myself and for others. I would have surely meant the one-way, dualistic perception of sending a message from me to God.

And back then when I answered you that way, I would have felt quite good, quite complete with my response.

Today, I would answer “How long have you been praying?” this way: Always. Forever. Eternally in all directions.

And I would explain my answer this way: We each have our own definition of prayer, of what it means to pray. My awareness has certainly changed in recent years. By the way, I imagine it will continue to change as I develop more, deeper, broader awareness of what offering prayers is, does, gives for me.

I especially like Ellen Debenport’s “Prayer is creative thinking that heightens the connection with God-mind…”. However, the word thinking immediately puts praying in a limiting category of actions, a mind-based category.

So, I rather like Thich Nhat Hanh’s statement a little more: “Prayer is not just what we do, it is also who we are.” Guess it’s obvious that I firmly believe the Be>Do>Have paradigm.

Yet, even stronger is Henri Nouwen’s offering that says “….prayer is a life in union with God, from whom all compassion flows.”

Having become increasingly conscious that prayer/praying is not just doing. It is more than that because it comes from more than the heart.

I love praying. Out loud. With others. By myself. For others. For myself. I love hearing others pray. Being in silence, praying with others, both are exquisite. I do not deny the power and the beauty of traditional prayer. Not one bit.

However, I am delighted that I’ve become aware of these facts-for-me:

For me, praying is any word, thought, action, or moment that means my Oneness with God. Even if it is not in my consciousness, I know I pray when I take a step, share a smile, cry a tear, forgive myself, offer assistance, blink my eye, feel my pulse, love a song….

What is praying…for you?

Love and blessing,


5 July 2017


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