Calm Down! It’s Worth the Effort.

Calm Down by Sitting Still

Sitting Still

How often do you say to yourself, “Calm down?” How often does someone else suggest kindly, lovingly that you calm down?

The current State of Life may give us cause operate at turbo speed. We ramp up our energies, fuel-inject our emotions, and ignite our intensity. Sometimes one’s personal odometer gets close to–or crosses over–the red line; personal RPM is too high.

Calm down. This may sound the same as the earlier post encouraging you to Lighten Up. Here’s the difference:

The difference is subtle, for sure. Maybe there’s no difference at all. Both are good ideas. And your ideas for lightening up and calming down are even better. But to get you started, here are some ways to calm down:

  1. Listen to rain fall (real time or recorded).
  2. Listen to a flowing stream (real time or recorded).
  3. Ditto wind…ocean waves…birdsong…432Hz music.
  4. Sit very, very still.
  5. Gaze at a candle’s flame.
  6. Enjoy looking at a a blank sheet of paper.
  7. Make time to assist someone else with anything.
  8. Drink a tall glass of lemon water. Slowly.
  9. Sit silently with Spirit.
  10. Slow your breathing.
  11. Imagine, feel relaxation flowing through you: top of head to bottom of feet.
  12. Lean against a tree.
  13. Lie back and watch the night sky, closely.
  14. Listen to your heart’s song: the rhythm and the lyrics.
  15. Say “amen” when a job is done. Mean it.

A calm down prayer

Soothing Spirit, when I move
at speeds seeming breakneck, with thoughts
scrambling in my head, and tensions
making me go faster,
you help me remember the peacefulness
of    slowing    down.
One slow breath calms me down.
Two even more.
Giving thanks that I can see the sky
and feel tree bark
and hear rain splattering the sidewalks
calms me down. When I sit very still
and know you are beside me, around me
and within me, I know the perfect calm.
Thank you, God. And so it is.

Love and blessings,




1 July 2017

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