Praying Is Always Right (2 of 4)

Praying is always right. When it comes to your praying, just know it is always right.

Praying is always right!
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This is Post #2 in a 4-part series of 4 Ways to Be Comfortable Praying. We started with Post #1 about letting go of thinking you don’t know how to pray. Today we’ll examine that praying is always right.

Your praying is always right for these simple reasons. Actually, let’s call them truths that your praying is always right.

Truth 1. Praying can’t be wrong.

The wholesome definition of praying is connecting with God.  In other words, if you’re not intending to connect with God, you’re not really praying. On the other hand if you are seeking to connect with God, there is no wrong way.

It doesn’t matter how or how well we connect with Spirit. We do not have to use exactly perfect words. We don’t even have to use words. All we have to do is experience connection. And to experience connection, all we need to do is intend to connect.

I suggest that any time we have a moment of gratitude, of feeling good, of wanting support, of knowing love and of too-many-to-count experiences, we are praying. Because we are connecting with God. Whether we “wordify” it or not. Those experiences of our heart are never wrong, always right.

Truth 2. Your praying is not yours alone.

You may have a chance to pray with or for someone. They may tell you their specific desire for prayer. Or you may have your own personal prayer time and prayer practice for yourself. You know your desire for prayer.

Although you pray for the other person’s reason and you pray for yourself and your own reasons, neither prayer is yours alone. The motivation behind both prayers is from God. The realization that, “Hey, a prayer will do me good” starts, like everything, with God.

The Power and Presence ignites our desire to pray. God’s Power and God’s Presence connect with our heart’s consciousness. The consciousness prompts our mind’s decision. That decision instructs our body to take action by praying.

Such a simple, powerful connection and process can only be right.

Truth 3. Praying enjoys limitless forms.

So, Spirit (heart) feels. That motivates mind. Body does what is instructed.

Makes me think the familiar trio–body, mind, spirit–is stated backwards. I go for Spirit, mind, body. Your heart (Spirit) feels some reason to pray. Then your mind receives the motivation and sends instruction to your body. Next your body prays.

Because it is what we know best, we most often receive the instruction to pray with our voice. We almost always pray with words. Yet praying enjoys an infinite number of forms and formats. Please keep in mind that praying is realizing connection between us and God. That means praying is not only your connecting with God; it is also God’s connecting with you.

The ways to pray are any in which you and God connect. When I dance because the sunrise is gorgeous, God’s part in the praying is the sunrise; my part of the praying is the dance. When I give thanks that I can forgive myself for something, my part of the praying is the “thank you”; God’s part of the praying is my crying.

It always feels just right.

Truth 4. God doesn’t judge.

If everything one does is perfect, including creating perfect beings in its perfect image, what has one to judge? I believe that’s how it is with God.

God does not watch us pray and hold up a score card or think, “Their praying could be a shade sharper.” God is loving–even applauding, I imagine–the very fact that we are praying, and so, engaging with God.

God does not judge. Judgement is a human invention. That’s almost surely why forgiveness is God’s recommendation for us humans. Starting with forgiveness of oneself.

If God doesn’t judge our praying, why do we? Consider this: “I forgive my Self for judging my praying. My praying is a perfect blessing, any way, any place, any time. I am blessed that my praying is always right.”

Thanks that my praying is always right

Good Friend God, I love you
and that you are my perfect prayer partner,
my perfect prayer provider and
my perfect prayer persuader.
I love the joy that praying brings me.
I love the freedom that praying is always
right and never wrong,
good and never less than,
satisfying connection and never done alone.

Thank you, Good Friend, that you let me
know and love praying.
And so it is. Amen.

Love & blessings,


November 4 2019

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