My Joyful, Humble Return. Thank You!

With thanks in a dozen directions, I am returning to regular postings of Prayerful Life with excitement and commitment.

One of the reasons, then, for this short post to announce that I plan to be posting here very regularly. A related reason is to hold myself accountable to you: I intend to hold myself to the statement of what I intend to do. A third reason is to lay out the plan for the rest of this year and into January of 2020, to lay it out specifically so you will know what to expect and so that I will have objectives for my work each week.

I invite your responses. They will motivate me whether you wish me success or say it’s too high a mountain to crest. Regardless, I welcome and am thankful for your supportive reading of what’s here.

The plan simply stated is this. Every Monday, bright and early, a new post about praying, prayer, prayerful life. These will be in series. While I may do some reordering once we’re rolling, here’s what it looks like now:

I will be honored to see you here then…and every week in between.

Your comments mean the world!

Prayer Affirming Beginning Again

Power and Presence, I say thank you for
my inspiration to return to writing here.
I celebrate this return and the energy it brings me.
I am grateful for the several comments
that touched my heart and spurred my return.
And I am grateful that my heart receives your guidance,
that my mind may listen to it
and direct my body to carry out
what is no task but expression of the joy,
the peace, and the love I know within me.
I know that it is from you, that it is you.
I thrill, Spirit, to my anticipation of the words to come.
And so it is with love for the Spirit within me.

Love & Blessings,




21 October 2019




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