Expressing Peace. Transition.51.

Transition to Peace

Sunrise to Peace

A friend made his transition yesterday. I’ve been conditioned to think, “Rest in peace.”

This morning’s praying had me look at Peace and transition from earthly life to Spirit in new ways.

When one shifts from being human to being Spirit, Peace is all around.

Transition is from the beautiful life on earth to the supreme Peace that Spirit is. Transition is from being spiritual to being Spirit. That is truly being All There Is.

The Lord’s Prayer says “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I read that with two meanings. GOD’s will is done on the physical plane like it is done in the spiritual realm. GOD’s will is done on earth because earth is “in heaven”. Earth and heaven are not separate places. Heaven is all around us and within us, known when we know the Peace that Spirit is. Transition is realization of the heaven that is ours to know. That is Peace.

Transition replaces the “need” for love and joy and prosperity. Love, joy, and prosperity are the Truth of Spirit. As Pure Spirit my friend exists as the flow of those graces. And other graces. And that is Peace extraordinary: to not know need for need does not exist. There is no lack, lack is not real.

And lack is felt by those remaining in this human world. The lack is that we cannot see and hear and touch the person as before. Our lack is through our senses, our mind’s reliance on the senses. Spirit flows through all that is. Aware of that, we know the Peace. The Peace dissolves the lack our mind imposes.

Peace Spirit,
our fear of what’s not of our knowing
is not real and has no reason.
What seems beyond our knowing is for us to know
by just following your guide, opening our hearts,
and receiving the awareness that Peace is real and true.
Awareness that lets us flow in your Peace
and know that nothing is beyond.
Beyond suggests another place, and Spirit
is never in another place. Spirit is of All
and always with us.
Thank you, Spirit, that to know your Peace
frees us from all need, removes the mistake of thinking lack,
and lets know your grace in full.
Our senses bring us enjoyment of here and now.
Beyond our senses and their limitations
is the joy of timeless Peace.
We thank you, GOD.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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