God’s Dwelling Place.

Heaven everywhere.

God’s dwelling everywhere.

What wonders some discoveries bring. New ways of saying and seeing things that affirm (perhaps expand) what I already know and believe. Discoveries that are new “Aha!” producers.

“I was created in God’s likeness and image; I am God’s dwelling place.” (Sacred Space for Advent and the Christmas Season 2016-2017)

First half of that statement is noteworthy but not new. It’s caused me to ponder off and on for years, in several ways. Does God look like me? Do I look like God? If one of those is yes, doesn’t the other have to be yes as well?

And maybe in another 67 years I’ll have uncovered that I am God’s dwelling place. But I’m so much happier not to wait but to be blessed with the discovery now.

It offers me wonderful closure. I’ve been certain for a while that heaven is not a special place, not a “someplace else”. I’ve long been at home with the Truth that heaven is where we are, wherever we are. All we have to do is open our hearts and realize that. All we have to do is see beyond our projected hardships, trials, terrors of the earth-plane. All we have to do is realize that Spirit is with us, around us, in us non-stop: 24/7, 360°. God’s presence fills us always, all ways.

Still, old teachings are tough to overcome. When I’m walking or running and I have something special to say to God, I usually look up. Heaven always seemed overhead and God belongs in heaven. How many times did all of my grandparents express, “God’s in his heaven; all’s right with the world.”? I usually look up instead of in.

How big a blessing then to have the wonderful perspective: I am God’s dwelling place. Not only is Spirit within me. Spirit lives there. As I’ve grown increasingly aware, I live with God all the time. Yet the consciousness that God lives in me — doesn’t just visit, doesn’t sometimes hang out, doesn’t drop by on occasion but truly is at home in me — is a wonderful discovery.

Even if I already knew it.

And, yes, I strongly recommend Sacred Space. It’s a daily prayer book that offers a fantastic morning “retreat” with a wonderful start to every day.

Loving God, most welcome tenant of my being,
You strengthen me to know I am your dwelling place.
Not just my physical body, my spiritual being is where you reside.
You empower my awareness that
you do not merely live in me; you make your home in me.
How wonderful enjoying your presence
fills my being as your house.

Knowing your love in every space of my self
fills me with peace.
Feeling your blessings in the lawns around my presence
brings me joy.
Having my heart continually refurbished by your grace
makes me whole.
Welcome home, God!
And so it is. And so I thank you, God.

11 December 2016


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