Daybreak: the perfect time to break free


Day breaks open

Daybreak is magic. And magnificent. I’ve always been an early riser. Daybreak has a slow-build beauty for me. The older I get the easier it is to be up before dawn. It’s more important, too. The transition from “the darkest hour” to the slowly lightening sky invites my patience. I love sitting in the certainty that the day will break open, regardless of how much I want it to hurry.

If you don’t believe in waking up early…earlier…daybreak early, you may give that some thought.

Being a daybreak riser is a good idea.

  1. Early birds are happier. A study at the University of Toronto surveyed 435 adults aged 17-38 and 237 aged 59-79. Although the older group definitely preferred the earlier wake-up, both groups reported associated happy emotions with the “morningness. ” 
  2. You’ll be more creative. When you watch and hear the day awaken–porches and patios are great for this–you have to notice that a brand new day is being created around you. Enjoy the ideas, the visions, the sounds.
  3. There’s joy in time specifically, ideally for your Self. This is the part of the day you are most likely to experience the least interruptions, impositions, invasions. Savor the solitude.

Waking at daybreak can be easy.

  1. The first and most sensible thing to do is to go to bed earlier. You don’t want rising early to deprive you of valuable sleep. Approach this gradually. Heading for bed an hour earlier than usual may only mean 55 minutes of trying to get to sleep. Start with 15-minute increments.
  2. Use a friendly alarm such as chimes or soothing music. You don’t have to be shocked out of sleep. And create your own “day greeting.” What will you say to Spirit, to the day, to yourself that says you’re glad to be and to be awake? (Thank you, God, as I begin this day. Thank you for your light within me.)
  3. Once you’re awake and out of bed, don’t hang around the bedroom. Do what you need to do and move to wherever you will cherish the daybreak.

Helping your daybreak time matter more.

  1. When you first wake-up, drink a full glass of water. Your body dehydrates as you sleep. Drinking a full glass will help your body and your mind wake up.
  2. Enjoy praying. Think of all you have to be thankful for, starting with waking up to another brand new day. Then what lies ahead of you that you anticipate with gladness and eagerness. Pray on from there.
  3. Write or create. As said above, you’ll be more creative at this precious time of day. Take advantage of it in your journal, on your sketch pad, with some clay or paints.


Thanks for the Daybreak

Good morning, God!
I greet and salute the day with total gladness!
I savor its beauty, whether the sun fills the sky
or rain showers the earth.
I absorb its wake-up energies and take them
as my own, fueling me for today.
This day, breaking now, is unlike any before it
and different from all days yet to come.
This day is unique and special.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

13 June 2017


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