The Meaning of Food

Food and Peace

Inner Peace from Food

So, what is the meaning of food? If my grandparents were right, food means many things. I’ll share three of them with you. And I’ll point you back to last week’s post: Feed the Body.

You are what you eat. (Bea)
The more natural and so the fewer artificial ingredients in what we eat, the better. It’s pretty obvious that “one ingredient foods from nature” can increase your vibrations. Is that good? Consider this: “Low vibrations provide signals to us that our thinking and behaviors are headed in a direction we don’t want to go….” (

That same source cites a number of “good vibrations” that come from the good food:high vibrations ratio. These good vibes include health, strength, communications, prosperity, personal relations.

Eat slow so you’ll live long. (Gram)
Relaxing at meal time allows us to enjoy more than our hunger being satisfied. Investing time and attention in enjoying each bite adds pleasure to meal-taking. Savoring the flavor of each food on your plate enhances that pleasure. At the same time, the event of eating, sharing table time with someone else–friend or family or new acquaintance–likely boosts your energy and your joy.

Join the Clean Plate Club. (Papaw)
My learning from Papaw’s adage has modified with time. I’ve come to understand that what’s important is not experiencing the discomfort from stuffing myself to clear my plate (and win his approval). I realize now the power and pleasure of moderation in how much I put on my plate at the meal’s beginning. I can’t tell you how many ways that relearning applies to my life.

Food Favoring Prayer

Mother Father God, it is you
who provides the nourishment we need,
the food we enjoy,
the substance that satisfies our appetites.
We are thankful to remember our diet’s
importance, its impacts, and its presence in our being.
We are glad to remember–to receive reminders–
to pay attention to what we eat, to the joy of eating,
to the pleasure and peace from food we receive.
And so it is. And so we thank you, God. 

Love and blessings,


14 June 2017

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