The Beautiful You

You are beautiful

Beautiful You

That you are beautiful is really beyond dispute. The beauty of everyone of us is fact. No matter how hard we may work to convince ourselves of our imperfections, the truth is that God creates perfection from perfection.

The difficulties we face in knowing ourselves as beauty and as perfection, are difficulties we create. We invent lenses through which we see ourselves as imperfect. That’s what we tell ourselves the senses perceive: imperfection.

Step outside our human vision of ourselves and take on unlimited perspectives that let us see how beautiful we are.

Our bodies. It’s so typical to see our body’s limits: shape, strength, age, weight, features. I invite us instead to look beyond our usual view. How miraculous is our human body? Perfectly engineered to fuel itself, eliminate waste, correct the threats of illness and injury, renew its very substance over and over. So, is that not real beauty?

Our faces. Society and media define “beauty.” We allow that narrow definition to further narrow our view and opinion of what is beautiful. Likely that view may be so narrow we exclude ourselves from “beautiful”. Please pay close attention to the wonder of our faces. They laugh. They smile. Tears flow. Passions show. How much our faces express without need of words. How much beauty is that?

Our wants and needs. Because we may quest for material and social prosperity, we may saddle ourselves with the baggage of “not enough.” Those saddlebags can weigh us down. That’s hardly a beautiful experience. What if we put aside the “don’t have enough” consciousness. What if we build the habit of attending what we really are and what we always have. Maybe appreciating all that we have instead of just attending it. BTW, why not start by appreciating our bodies and faces.

Our surrounding world. As we look to what surrounds us and look for beauty in everything that is, we will fill our Selves with what is beautiful consciousness. We can smell more roses. We can know more character in senior faces, more strength in stooped shoulders, and more joy in tender touches. That lets us know more beauty.

A “Beautiful” Prayer

Glorious Presence,
we know your beauty flows into all of us.
Your beauty shows through us from within.
We appreciate your beauty shows as love,
as peace, as joy, as harmony.
The beauty that is ours is ours to share
and as we share
to give thanks that we are
your beautiful child.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,
12 June 2017

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