Spiritual Authenticity: The Power of Letting Go

This morning I was thrilled to read: Spiritual authenticity is always in some way or on some level about letting go. That appeared in Richard Rohr‘s Center for Action and Contemplation meditation. I enjoyed feeling clarity thanks to the explicitness of his statement. Just let go. I understood the words and I felt I had […]

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Your Best Impression

Impressions mark our lives. Those impressions we make on others; those others make on us. Now that I’m the age I am, two things occur frequently: I reflect on people I’ve known and I regret the negative impressions I’ve left on too many. Almost everything in life leaves an impression. That leaf, weighing almost nothing, left […]

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Morning Prayer 25/100. Who I am

Who I am is the essence of self-awareness. Knowing one’s Self is knowing one’s worth, one’s joy, and one’s strength. Perhaps, the simplest (but not easiest) exploration of one’s true self-knowledge is this: Turn around “who I am” into the question “who am I?” Ask and answer. Honestly. Ask again and answer again. And again […]

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Morning Prayer 6/100. On the road

On the road just shy of 10 hours last Thursday, Cindy and I drove Austin to Beaumont (4:45) and back (4:50). In between we were blessed by attending my step-father’s funeral: remembering, celebrating, consoling, and visiting. Reflecting on the trip, I realized that for me going someplace is motivational. In speeches and presentations, I’ve readily […]

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