Morning Prayer 25/100. Who I am

Who I am is the essence of self-awareness. Knowing one’s Self is knowing one’s worth, one’s joy, and one’s strength. Perhaps, the simplest (but not easiest) exploration of one’s true self-knowledge is this: Turn around “who I am” into the question “who am I?” Ask and answer. Honestly. Ask again and answer again. And again […]

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Morning Prayer 6/100. On the road

On the road just shy of 10 hours last Thursday, Cindy and I drove Austin to Beaumont (4:45) and back (4:50). In between we were blessed by attending my step-father’s funeral: remembering, celebrating, consoling, and visiting. Reflecting on the trip, I realized that for me going someplace is motivational. In speeches and presentations, I’ve readily […]

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Morning Prayer 5/100. Saharan dust

Saharan dust has been around much longer than we’ve been thinking the world is getting smaller. The brownish haze noticed lately across Southeast and Central Texas is current proof of what’s been true for as long as there’s been this planet, as long as we’ve been on it. We’re all connected…in some ways. What goes […]

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Expressing Peace. Gravity. 87.

Gravity is something so very familiar to me that I never think about it. Almost never. Gravity: the force of attraction by which terrestrial bodies tend to fall toward the center of the earth. Cindy and I saw the new movie Interstellar this afternoon. (High recommendations!). It deals with gravity and time at quantum levels […]

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