Prayerful Life: 2 weeks’ review

Prayerful Life Revew

Prayerful Life Review

Being back to Prayerful Life for the last two weeks has been so much fun and energy. Seems worth a quick review — and a chance for you to look back at one or more of the posts more closely.

Memorial Day Thanksgiving
A simple reminder of the role people in service play, the protection they give, the sacrifice they offer.

Praying Grace
“Basically, grace is God’s first name, and probably last too.”  And something worth praying to and about!

Affirmations and Prayers
Comparison (and contrast) of affirmations and prayers. And a few links to some affirmations websites.

Silence. It’s Power. It’s Beauty.
Thoughts about the power and the beauty of silence…and the good that comes from honoring it.

Your Best Impression
The impressions we make on others are enhanced to blessings when we see the Christ Spirit everyone IS.

5 Ways to Boost Inner Peace
Ways to find and create greater comfort of our Self, starting with seeing, (not)ending with singing.

Feed the Body.
The first of 3 posts about the Body-Mind-Spirit each of us is…and how to boost the power and joy of each.

Fuel the Mind. 
Exercises to enhance the mind and its contributions to our Body-Mind-Spirit self.

Freshen the Spirit.
Keeping our spiritual self from becoming stale by being taken for granted…a few tips.

Praying about Prayerful Life

Good friend God,
my motivation to return to Prayerful Life
is such a gift from you.
Thank you.
Our motivation, Good Friend, to find and make
ways that boost our very being
in any way, in every way,
is such a gift from you.
Thank you.
We are joyful and peaceful and energetic
in whatever ways we choose to let you know
what you already know:
that we are glad and grateful,
that we are blessed.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,
9 June 2017

Panda photo (c)Encyclopedia Britannica

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