Expressing Peace. Supper. 47.

Supper brings its own special joy. And peace. The joy of chopping, sauteing, seasoning, stirring, tasting, adjusting. The warmth rising from the stove. The sweet smells of chicken from the oven, scallions and pecans in the skillet, chopped peach on the cutting board. The satisfaction of putting it all together, seeing the ingredients blend and […]

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Expressing Peace. Clouds. 33.

Clouds. Peace. There may be something to do more peaceful than watch clouds decorate the sky. I cannot imagine what it is. Viewing high, white mounds from a grassy hillside. Spotting silver, streaks beyond city skyscrapers. Cheering cotton balls racing across the ocean sky. Defined thus: “A cloud is a visible mass of condensed droplets or frozen crystals suspended in the […]

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My Thank You Path

Imagine a path. Imagine it beautiful and inviting. Mine is through a canopy of trees. Sunshine flickers through the leaves and pebbles the path with light. I start off on the path, walking slowly. I allow each foot to fall softly on the soft earth. As one foot touches down, I say, “Thank you, God.”  […]

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Five Steps to Spiritual Growth

Sometimes we know we’re on a spiritual journey. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we know exactly where we are spiritually; it feels good. Sometimes we think we are just lost; it feels bad. Here are 5 steps to  strengthen your spiritual well-being. Take them one at a time or all at once. Keep in mind that […]

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