Morning Prayer 33/100. Steady pace

Moving at a steady pace is most often your best bet. I went out to run earlier than usual one morning last week. All along the way, a 10-yard stretch of grass separates sidewalk from boulevard. I rounded a curve and came upon a doe and two fawn, perhaps 3 weeks old, grazing on that […]

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Morning Prayer 30/100. Here and now.

Here and now — this place at this instant — is reality. Nothing else is. Here and now can be very hard to stay in. What happened 5 minutes ago was reality then. The turkey and cheese sandwich I made then is still reality, sitting here on the desk beside my laptop. However, the act of […]

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Morning Prayer 14/100. Self reflection

Self reflection is a great deal of everything. And, I believe, self reflection is simply a great deal. Notice the photograph I took yesterday, of a very young girl trying on sun glasses in a shop in Carmel by the Sea. She had it down to an artful science. Select a pair of sunglasses, slip […]

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Morning Prayer 11/100. Sitting still

I am sitting still. I am moving at jet speed. Both are true. Each is a blessing. [Note: this was drafted in flight Thursday 7/16] United flight 1591 is at 35,000 feet and on the way to San Francisco. Cindy’s and my vacation started officially when the wheels left the ground. We cannot get to […]

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