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Life Speed: Fast and Slow

Most of us live at dual life speed: fast and slow. Some things we want or need to hurry through. Other activities invite us to linger and enjoy. Of course, those are not the same fast items or slow choices for all of us. To each her or his own, for certain. There are some […]

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Commitment 2017

For years I haven’t made New Year’s Resolutions. Never could live up to them. Usually had forgotten the resolution by February. But I’m all for setting measurable, accountable commitments. Right now I’m working on my Commitments 2017. Just last week I received an e-mail invitation to Run the Year 2017. It invites me to run/walk […]

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Expressing Peace. Sneaky Peace. 77.

Sneaky peace sneaked up on me today. What a beautiful surprise. It was a beautifully focused day because I was in the “flow”, as written about by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (and discussed in an earlier Expressing Peace).  Highly productive. Fast-moving. Almost totally head-down and creating. Then, all of a sudden, I was finished. Work was over. The […]

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Body Mind Spirit

My dilemma: denying the importance of my physical body and/but/or enjoying the freedom my body allows. As I swam laps this afternoon, each stroke made me thankful for my strength and coordination. As Cindy and I ate a healthy homemade frittata at supper, I enjoyed experiencing and satisfying my appetite. As I fall asleep in […]

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