Morning Prayer 25/100. Who I am

Who I am

Who I am

Who I am is the essence of self-awareness. Knowing one’s Self is knowing one’s worth, one’s joy, and one’s strength. Perhaps, the simplest (but not easiest) exploration of one’s true self-knowledge is this:

Give your Self the gift of affirming who you are. Give that gift repeatedly at an ever broader and deeper level. For example:

You are so much. You are so many wonderful personal elements you can possibly ask and answer Who am I? forever. Allow yourself to take your answers beyond (far beyond) your physical, earthly identity. Accept the infinite reaches of your mind and your spirituality.

And allow yourself to feel the awareness of each answer. Know it is much more than merely the statement Who I am….

One wonderful way to know the truth and wonder of each statement is to drop the “who” and the “is”.

It’s a beautiful sequence: Who am I?…. Who I am is…I am…!

Power and Presence,
Who am I?
Who I am is your creation.
Who I am is your blessing and your happiness.
I am your child.
I am your expression.
I am your worker and your being.
And I am thankful.
God, the grace you share with me
reaffirms your Presence
vitalizes my divine nature, my Christ Spirit.
I am complete and whole and prosperous
in all the wonder of your Truth.
And so it is. And so I am.

Love and blessings,



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