Praying Made Easy. 10. Get Past Fear.

Get Past Fear

Get Past Fear by Photo by Brad Barmore on Unsplash

Sometimes we have to get past fear. Often fear stands between us and our desire to get something done. More than occasionally fear prevents our accomplishing something. Or proving something to ourselves.

I admit to each of those, “Too often!” I feel the fear that I may not do well enough or I may make mistakes. My fear causes me to put off the doing. That procrastination produces stress. I’ll spare you the symptoms my stress produces.

This applies to tasks I may have requiring that I use new systems at work. It gets between me and taking on some kind of writing I’m not comfortable with. It even shows up in little tasks like putting up the outdoor Christmas lights.

In none of those instances is the fear well-founded. It rarely is in any situation. l can learn the new system. I don’t have to write perfectly (or even very well) the first time I try. I have put up the lights — to compliments from Cindy, neighbors, and guests — for several years now.

So what does it take to get past fear? Well, first let’s pay attention to the infinitive phrase “to get past.” You don’t want to ignore the fear. You ought not turn away to avoid the fear. Only by moving to-then-through (or under, around or over) the fear will you put it behind you. Once it is behind you, it ceases to matter to you. And so it ceases to be.

How do you get past fear?

Sure praying is a key. However, it matters that you take part in the prayer. Not just asking, “Please, God, take away my fear.” Consider that it might feel better to pray, “Spirit, I will work with you to get past this fear.”

I have scoped out these simple steps as effective for me. You’re welcome to any or all of them.

Praying to Get Past Fear

Spirit and Protector,
I am glad to partner with you to get past a fear I have.
I know that when I name the fear and see it shrink before me
the fear becomes meaningless. It becomes nothing.
God, I am grateful for the awareness that fear is no more real
than I allow it to be. I deny then that it is real at all.
I move past the fear and know it disappears
in my consciousness’s rear-view mirror.
And so it is and I am thankful!

Love and blessings,



10 January 2018

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