Morning Prayer: 41/100. Light!

Last week one fluorescent tube in our laundry room gave up after 2 weeks’ flickering. After removing the fixture cover, taking out the tube with the blackened end and its partner, I gathered two tubes that have been in the garage since we moved into the house. Not sure if they were parting gifts from previous owner or detritus they didn’t care to discard.

Installed one then the other. No light. Reversed the tubes’ assignments. No light. Rotated them in the fixture. No light.

Hard to separate the dark garments from the whites, the gentle cycle from the turbo in an unlit laundry room.

Before conceding that we needed an electrician, I turned to my research source: Google. I learned a great deal.

A fluorescent bulb contains mercury vapor. The vapor receives an electric charge that produces a short-wave, ultra-violet light. That causes the phosphorous coating inside the tube to glow. Let there be light. An electricity ballast regulates the amount of current, keeping the light steady. Let it shine steadily.


There is Light!

We needed an electrician.

Sometimes the Light of Spirit flickers. Mine anyway. Sometimes it goes (or seems to go) completely out for a time. As with the laundry room light, it helps me to know where’s the misconnect. Does the tube need replacing? A heavy duty replenishment of the light that flows in each of us? Do I need to replace the ballast? How strong is the electric charge that produces the ray that charges my spiritual vapor and lights my core? Is it strong enough? Is it steady enough?

The beauty is that the Light is never out. The vapor is never without charge. The phosphorous is never not glowing.

I just don’t always see them.

Electrician of My Spirit,
you are the Source and the Supply of my energy, my power.
You provide your Light in and around my being.
When I sense my energy is flickering,
I need only call to you.
My spiritual ballast kicks in.
The steady and strong flow of my faith beams
throughout the vapor of my essence.
Faith becomes a charge greater than electricity,
ignites my glow, shoots short-wave Truth to my every cell.
Your Light, Sweet Spirit, is forever on.
And so it is in me. Amen.

Love and blessings,


16 June 2016

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