Morning Prayer 21/100. Enthusiasm



Nothing great was every achieved without enthusiasm. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Enthusiasm is such a powerful word. Its Greek root is enthous which means inspired. That originated from en + theos, meaning in + god, or God within. 

So does your enthusiasm come to you from its outside source, such as a hobby, a learning opportunity, a spiritual discovery? Or do you generate your own enthusiasm in advance to motivate your engagement?

Or do both happen, as in a self-fulfilling enthusiasm? I get excited about a round of gold and playing it (even poorly) wants me to play again. I am motivated to compose these Morning Prayers and writing one makes me look forward to the next. I love to pray for someone and to hear someone pray for me; those create AHA awareness that increases my spiritual enthusiasm.

What charges your spiritual enthusiasm?

Then what super-charges it?

There are many synonyms for enthusiasm. To which are you attracted?

eagerness, keenness, ardor, fervor, passion, zeal, zest, gusto,

energy, verve, vigor, vehemence, fire, spirit

What do you do if your spiritual enthusiasm ever needs a jump-start?

 Power, Presence and Passion
the divine spark you place in each of us
ignites our desire to know and share
Oneness with you and with all others.
The heart-mind wisdom you impart
allows us the know-how to keep that spark
alive and firing.
The tools you provide ensure that our
spiritual engine is fully charged
with your enthusiasm:
Praying. Walking at sunrise. Listening to rain showers.
Smiling at others. Lending a hand. Remembering “thank you”.
Walking at sunset. Hearing bird songs. Sipping water.
Dining with others.
All these and infinitely more.
And so it is. And so we thank you, God.

Love and blessings,



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