Fuel the Mind.

Body-Mind-SpiritLet’s look at how we might fuel the mind in our Body-Mind-Spirit triangle. Our mental presence gives directions to the body. It drives every action the body takes. Of course, that means it directs our interaction with people, our performance at work or at home, our smiles, the steps we take, the blinks of our eye.

Consider, then, that no matter how fine-tuned the body is, if the thinking power’s not up to pressing the gas pedal and steering the body down the road, you’ll not go very far. Their connection is the perfect example of integrated effort.

You probably do not need them now; still, you might want to store these 5 easy mind-fuel ideas for future use.

Day dream.
When you let your brain take you on an imaginary jaunt, you’re really letting it rest, relax and refuel. The break from concentration on whatever tasks you have at hand is very likely a break your mind wants and needs. Enjoy!

Play “what if…”
As daydreams relax the brain, imagining energizes it. The “what if…” game ignites your imagination. Just let your imagination run free thinking of “what if….?” questions. Then let it run even freer coming up with answers.

Wright by Hand

Write by Hand

Write by hand.
Push back from your keyboard. Grab a pad or notebook, a pen or pencil. Engage in the beautiful mind-body connection of handwriting. Your mind thinks the words (messages, sentences, poems). Faster than a speeding thought, your hand translates into code and writes it on the page. Added benefit: more creative ideas are expressed when one writes by hand.

But not for work or a school assignment. A how-to book is OK if it’s about how to do something you want to do. Reading is very much like guided daydreaming and directed imagining. PS. If your day is in front of a computer, you may do yourself the favor of reading from a real book (or Kindle) you can hold in your hands.

Read out of your norm.
Offer your mind refreshment, maybe even a challenge, by venturing into reading genres not usual for you. Sci-fi instead of a romance novel? Essays rather than epics? Poems and memoirs over politics and mysteries?

Added tips are at this earlier Prayerful Life posting.

Praying for the Mind

Thank you, Sweet Spirit,
that my mind connects with you
through my heart,
that I know God-Mind, and
that my mind links my body’s being
to my spirit being.
Thank you, Sweet Spirit,
that attention to my mind
sweetens its use and my enjoyment
of what and how I think and know,
and my awareness that my mind
can know your truth and guide
my body in its wellness.
And so it is. And so amen.

Love and blessings,



7 June 2017


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