Expressing Peace. Coffee. 20.

Mr Coffee Peace

Coffee Peace

As I took the last sip of my first cup of coffee this morning, I realized a special peace.

It’s the special peace I take every morning as I pour water into Mr. Coffee. And the peace from scooping special beans into the grinder, pressing the cover down and enjoying 15 seconds of whirrr.

I enjoy great in-the-moment peace approaching my first sip. I anticipate the richness, the warmth, the familiarity. And as the taste is savored, the peace confirms.

There is even peace affirming my addiction to coffee’s wake-up power, greater than any cup any other time in the day.

Photographing my coffee grinder and maker, I think of writing this. It becomes clear that the true peace is not from my coffee — whether first cup or last. It is not from the pleasure of preparing and waiting for that start-the-morning prize. It is not the appreciation of aroma and flavor. It’s not the wake-up surge to face the day.

The coffee peace simply lets me know I am attuned to Peace. The coffee peace lets me notice and feel the utter enjoyment that Peace exists as simple as a cup of coffee. The coffee peace reminds me that Peace is everywhere, even that Peace is without placement: people and things are in places. Peace is.

Creator of Peace,
The little things that fill our lives
and give us peace
point out the truth that we are made from Peace,
created from your Spirit Peace.
The little things–
coffee and nail polish and reusable grocery bags,
stickum that keeps paintings level,
spell-check that boosts confidence writing–
remind us we are Peace.
Peace is within us and all around us.
The feel-good peace around us
lets us keep that in mind
and heart and know the Truth:
that you are Peace
and each of us your Child, is Peace.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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