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Morning Prayer 30/100. Here and now.

Here and now — this place at this instant — is reality. Nothing else is. Here and now can be very hard to stay in. What happened 5 minutes ago was reality then. The turkey and cheese sandwich I made then is still reality, sitting here on the desk beside my laptop. However, the act of […]

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Morning Prayer 12/100. Across the bridge

We walked across the bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, yesterday. Both directions. And we walked into beauty, into grace, into joy in both directions. It was never a matter of “to and from”. It was rather experiencing movement to one excitement, then turning around (after a brief rest!) and experiencing movement to another excitement. Virtually […]

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Morning Prayer 6/100. On the road

On the road just shy of 10 hours last Thursday, Cindy and I drove Austin to Beaumont (4:45) and back (4:50). In between we were blessed by attending my step-father’s funeral: remembering, celebrating, consoling, and visiting. Reflecting on the trip, I realized that for me going someplace is motivational. In speeches and presentations, I’ve readily […]

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Morning Prayer 4/100. Yin yang

Our yin yang is always present. Very shortly Cindy and I will drive to Beaumont, TX, for the memorial service/funeral for my step-dad, Marvin. Two days ago I checked the St. Mark’s website to verify time of service and saw, listed in the UpComing Events, the funeral for Mary Ellen Wisrodt. Marvin came into Mom’s […]

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