Affirmantra 30. Strength.


I AM Strength

Strength is what I AM.

 Strength is not a possession. Strength is more than a characteristic. Strength is your being. You are strength. As you are Spirit’s expression of Spirit, you are strength.

Strength is what I AM.

Strength is truth. Weakness does not exist. Weakness is a conviction of ego intended to have you feel helpless. Strength is Spirit’s Presence. As Spirit is omnipresence, you are never without strength. Strength is yours to call on, to apply, to celebrate when you will.

Strength is what I AM.

Sit with your shoulders squared, your weight evenly distributed, your shoulders relaxed. Breathe in then out several times. Allow your mind to relax. You have nothing to think about; allow all thoughts to float across your mind without wrestling, without resisting them. Breathe the affirmantra. Feel the strength you are.

Love and blessings,



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