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world peace Daily Word

World Peace

I don’t believe in coincidence.

So yesterday’s Expressing Peace about World Peace and today’s Unity Daily Word aren’t coincidence. Just emphasis of the power and spiritual reality of World Peace.

So it’s worth replaying the Daily Word, and following with a prayer.

World Peace
I emanate peace to all the world.
Saturday, August 23, 2014

I begin my day with a moment of gratitude for the peace of Spirit within me. I value peace and see it as a gift I can share. For peace to prevail in our world, I and others who hold this vision must lead the way.

I am willing to be the change I desire to see, so I practice living peacefully and nurture the calm essence of my soul. Daily meditation and prayer help me access peace, even in difficult situations. When I live from the peaceful core of my being, I am able to listen to others with compassion and naturally relate to them with openness and acceptance. My presence brings calm rather than agitation. My peace resonates with others, creating a wave of peace for all.

Presence of Peace,
I adore and bless your reminding me I AM Peace.
The power of sharing your Peace strengthens me.
I can share with those in my immediate world.
I can emit Peace energy to those around the world,
brothers and sisters I may never know, may never even see.
I can know our Peace and share it through my praying,
my affirming, my faith that Peace is meant to embrace
our Universe.
Sweet Spirit, as you are the Source of Peace,
each being is Peace’s essence.
As each one of us knows and shows that essence,
Peace will be as it is meant: present, powerful, predominant.
We love you, GOD. We love your Peace.
And so it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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