Wake up and get up

Wake Up and Get Up. Photo by Becca Schultz on Unsplash

Do you ever wake up and not want to get up?

As Kay and I exchanged good mornings before the Sunday service, she asked me: “Do you ever wake up and not want to? I mean, not want to get up, not want to do anything?”

I think I was about to shake my head. Kay continued, “My friend asked me just those questions. Those questions got me thinking”

They certainly did. I watched Kay’s lively face become more so. Her voice increased its emphasis. “When I wake up, I breathe. Consciously. Then I breathe again And my friend’s question makes me consciously thankful that I can breathe. It also reminds me how good it feels when I can concentrate on my breathing.”

I just smiled at Kay. She said, “And that, too! Smiling. Smiling is another reason I am glad to wake up and to get up from bed! It feels good to smile and it feels good to receive a smile from someone else. I’ll remember to smile a lot the next time I see my friend.”

For the next wonderful five minutes, Kay shared perfectly simple completely outstanding reasons to wake up and to get up. Kay’s list included cooking breakfast, sitting on her deck, walking, talking, and cherishing memories. About the only thing I would add to Kay’s list is the chance to hear someone (like Kay!) excitedly sharing their wonderful realizations.

Maybe nothing is a tragedy, but I think we can say that to live without appreciating this life is at least a shame. Everyday Zen, Charlotte Joko Beck

Thank you, Kay.

Breathe for a moment. Let your face smile. Take a step and another. Say a word. Be aware of the little things that are big reasons to enjoy your life every day.

Wake up and get up prayer

Sweet Spirit, thank you for the power of every morning’s wake up.
Thank you for all the reasons we have to then get up.
The power of breath, of face-washing, the joy of breakfast,
the energy of morning tasks are everyday joys,
everyday gifts for which we are thankful!
Thank you that the life we experience
and the life we enjoy give us
–thanks to your presence and your power–
unlimited reasons not only to wake up
but also to get out of bed, to salute the day,
to look forward to the everyday chores
and the once in a lifetime experiences the beautiful day holds.
With joy and love we are glad that we can get up and wake up.
And so it is. And so we thank you, Spirit.

Love and Blessings,

04 January 2019

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