The Government Shutdown is over(?)

The Government Shutdown is over for the moment. I am not sad, at all. Not sad although I had planned this post the day before the shutdown ended. Planned it in a pre-shutdown context. I am not sad and I cannot imagine that anyone else is sad. That the shutdown is over, if only for a three-week moment, relieves and pleases me.

Government Shutdown

I struggled through the multi-faceted reports of the Government Shutdown. Meanwhile, I realized that my struggles as a TV observer were vastly less than the struggles of the 800,000 who were either not working and not being paid or working and not being paid. Still, I realized my struggles were minor in comparison to those still working in the agencies directly impacted by the shutdown: TSA and National Parks, for example.

The effects of the Government Shutdown emphasized–even to this outsider looking in–the value and the meaning of the work done to keep the US Government running. To many, I’ll bet the shutdown revealed how much work the government does that keeps our nation operating. I’ll also bet that surprised the many.

Perhaps most moving to me was the awareness of the fears and sufferings of the 35 days, especially to those out of work and receiving no pay. And to their families. Challenges to maintain spirit and faith in our government assumed a heavier weight each day. Needs to allay fear of financial challenge and short fall grew in intensity day after day. Tensions from the uncertainty of “when will the shutdown end?” and “how can we pay our bills, protect our home, and feed our children?” mounted minute by minute.

Recognition and praise should go to the many, many organizations and individuals who took steps to muster help and assistance for the furloughed workers and their families. As we move through the next 3 weeks quickly, there is great likelihood that we will face a repeat of the Government Shutdown. Here are three links to ways to offer help, should we need to again.

Praying about the shutdown

Guiding Power, Guarding Presence
Hear our gratitude that the Government Shutdown has ended.
Receive our affirmation that the next 3 weeks
will display successful negotiations,
that there will be no recurrence of the shutdown.
Thank you, Spirit, for the heartfelt responses
from so many organizations and individuals that answered
the needs of those furloughed from their jobs.
We call forth and lean hard on our faith in you
and complement that with faith in our nation’s government.
We know the strength of the principles upon which
this country and the way it runs is fundamental
to our success, our well-being, our reliance on a life
of independence and government by, of, and for each one of us.
And so it is. And so we celebrate the Christ Spirit in each of us.

Love and Blessings,


27 January 2019
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