Spiritual Smile or Perfunctory Nod?

As I took my run Saturday morning, I came up against the impact of smiling. The impact of a smile on me, a life-long smiler.

When I worked in New York City, I smiled constantly at strangers in the subways, though many friends encouraged against. Walking down streets in my friend’s New Jersey town, my habitual smile-at-everyone-I-encounter is in full force. When I’m running, I smile at everyone I accost: runners, walkers, drivers, bicyclists.

And the reactions are varied. A high percentage of NYC subway riders smile back, perhaps from the camaraderie that we’re in this tube together. Very few New Jersey people smile back, at least not on the sidewalks. From one table to another in a diner or restaurant, their smile ratio increases markedly.

Back to last Saturday. I was running alone. An oncoming car or pedestrian or cyclist — certainly another runner — is a sure target. Last Saturday I smiled my “good morning” at the 40 or so people I met or passed or who passed me. I loved the many smile-backs, some accompanied by waves of the hand.

Then, just before the last turn home, a young, intent cyclist came my way. From the opposite side of the road, I watched him pedal steadily closer. Twenty yards separated us when we made eye contact. 17 yards when I smiled. 15 yards when he perfunctorily nodded in return.

I am sure he was deeply focused on the road, on his cadence, on coordination of all the fundamentals of road cycling. Yet, as I ran on by and he continued riding, I was so thankful I had smiled.

I know for sure how great I feel when I send someone a smile. From how receiving a smile makes me feel I’m pretty sure others get the same enjoyment.

The point — the spiritual point — to this?

We are creations of God, creations from God, creations united as one with God.

God wants happiness for us. Our happiness is happiness for God, as we are One.

Love and happiness are one and the same.

If smiling makes us happy, shows us love, we are meant to smile.

Beautifully simple, isn’t it?

Keep smiling!

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