Praying Made Easy. 8. Peace beyond the Storm

Peace beyond the Storm

Peace beyond the Storm
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Most of us eagerly look forward to peace beyond the storm of 2017. This year has been stormy, literally and figuratively. It has been anything but peaceful. A cauldron of politics, storms, fires, anger & terror(ism). Stirred together then brought to a simmer, if not at times a boil.

In 2001 or 2002, I discovered Tim Bays at a National Speakers Association convention. I bought his CD, Everyday Magic. It is my go-to music whenever I want/need a powerful boost. And a smile or two.

So, it’s a chilly gray morning. I’m hunkered at a nicely redecorated Starbucks. I am forethinking the coming year. My mind rephrases the Beatles’ lyric to “Got to admit it must get better…”. And I recalled Tim Bays’ sweet song, “Peace Beyond the Storm”.

His lyrics offer several metaphoric troubles. It’s the refrain, of course, that is so strong, overcoming bad metaphor with good one. I realize the refrain is true as Bays’ words remind me that there will always be

Peace beyond the storm,
blue above the clouds,
a calm beneath the waves that come crashing down.

I especially like that he takes in all aspects of the storm: sky, sea, and the ensuing fear. And he suggests, “Just try a little faith and trust that if you see it through, there is peace beyond the storm…

It is still gray and damp and cold outside. My cafe latte’s done. I’m smiling thanks that I can grasp (more than) a little faith and trust. I grasp them with these reminders:

Prayer to Know Peace beyond the Storm

Power and Presence and Peace,
thank you for the constant and eternal reminders
we can find in so many places and in so many ways
that no matter what seems bad and no matter how bad it seems,
it is not always. It isn’t all ways.
You let us know, if we but remember, that no matter how dark the night,
Annie is right: The sun will come out tomorrow.
We are free to recall and to realize that for whatever bad
we experience,
there are dozens of goods.
You bless us with the certainty, if we just let ourselves know
it is Truth, that you are always with us
for we are your creation and therefore you exist
within us as we exist in you.
No storm is endless. There is always peace at hand.
Thank you, God! Amen.

Love and blessings,



28 December 2017

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