Praying Made Easy. 3. To Reach Out for Help

Our difficulty to reach out for help is a measure of our independence. Our ability to reach out for help is a mark of our independence. Both statements can be true.


You may not agree with that, yet I’ll bet we do agree that one time or another–and more often than only one time–every one of us needs some kind of help. And so for all of us, the need to reach out for help is common. Praying is the immediate, ever-ready way to reach out.

Yet for some, refusing to reach out even in prayer is the necessary proof of independence. It’s the I-can-do-it-on-my-own demonstration. For others the freedom to put ego aside and not be ashamed to use praying to ask for help is an easy display.

Truth is, receiving help usually makes the “whatever” either gone or better or manageable. “Thank your for your help” comes easily to our lips, whether to Spirit who has answered our prayer or to the  person whose help was the answer itself.

If praying to reach out for help doesn’t always come easy, try this. Imagine yourself in a raft with nothing around you but ocean. You want to get home. Suddenly you see a boat just this side of the horizon. The boat is small enough they will see you if you get their attention. Without hesitation you try to get their attention. You try the obvious ways…you get creative and try other ways. Nothing makes it impossible for you to reach out for help.

Our Prayer to Reach Out for Help

To Reach Out for Help

To Reach Out for Help
Photo by Javier Piernagorda on Unsplash

God who is the source of all help
and who directs others to our aid,
we are eager to remember
there is no reason not to ask
when we need help.
We are free and able
to ask one another,
to ask you.
It may be our ego that holds us silent.
Then we may ask your help
in putting our ego aside
that we may know Oneness has no need
for pride.
We were not created to sail on rafts
totally separate from all others.
Our cry for help is surely heard.
We are brought home.
And so it is. And so we thank you, God.

Love and blessings,




30 October 2017

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