Filing a prayer return

For more than a month I planned to prepare my 2009 taxes on Good Friday.

My approach to almost anything financial has been, typically, a blend of fear and denial. Or stress and anguish.

Well in advance of yesterday (Good Friday) I began calmly and frequently praying, affirming God’s presence, God’s comfort, God’s peace.

And yesterday — Good Friday — arrived. More affirming prayers in the morning. Over a third cup of coffee I said good morning to Turbo Tax 2009. We were off and running.

Sweet and easy. Midway through, I was thinking, “Hurray for Turbo Tax. Thank you, Turbo Tax.”

At once I laughed. My praise and gratitude only slightly belonged to the folks at Intuit.

So last night, before the Good Friday service at my church, I wrote this:

Thank You, God.

You graced me throughout today with the certainty that You surrounded me.

I felt You beside me, letting me know I was not alone.

I felt You behind me, giving me the keep-it-going nudge I need on occasion.

I felt you beneath me, strong pylons net letting me fall.

I felt you before me, beckoning with open arms, always open arms that we might embrace.

I felt you above me, a guardian allowing me complete freedom from fear.

Thank you, God.

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