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Peaceful Aging

Peaceful Aging

Everyone wants peaceful aging–the peaceful part at least.

Our society has long revered youth and youthfulness. When I was 6, my grandmother was 50. That was ancient to me. Now I see stars of Cialis and Viagra commercials younger than my grandmother was back then. Seems like the message is: “You don’t have to be old. Well, yes, you do but you can do it by staying young.”

Here’s what’s important to remember: our physical being is far from all we are. The media urge us to hold on to our beauty and fitness and sexuality. All of that is physical. We are more than that.

Not saying let go of the physical. But I like the advice from Judith Orloff, M.D.. She says to pay attention to “your physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic well-being to boost health and lessen negativity. To age radiantly, you must embrace all these elements…” I equate Orloff’s radiant aging with peaceful aging.

Appreciate what your body can still do. Be thankful for the actions you can still perform, especially as you recall what was once possible.

Reflect on your emotional growth. Growth is a form of aging. As we mature emotionally, we age. Mark instances when you’ve shown such growth. That’s evidence of peaceful aging emotionally.

What forms does your energy manifest now? Energy to learn? Energy to socialize? Energy to complete tasks, hobbies? Such energy is fuel for peaceful aging. The desire to do is a cause of peace.

Spiritual well-being is the foundation of all well-being. It is the Peace we are, the Peace we know, the Peace that flows through all aspects of our aging, not just our physical costumes. How do you nurture your spiritual essence? How do you allow it to further your peaceful aging?

Guiding GOD,
as our bodies age, our Spirit flourishes.
As we recognize the changes in our physical
abilities and strengths,
we appreciate our emotional growth.
As we feel the changes in our energies,
we know they are not lessened
but redirected.
Guiding GOD, we cherish your steering hand
as we learn the body is a tool
by which we enjoy this human phase.
We cherish your guiding Love
that teaches us again and again
the Spirit we are is endless,
not bound to physical skills or beauty.
Age is only human. Spirit is eternal.
With that we can enjoy our peaceful aging.
And so it is.
Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.


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