Morning Prayer 13/100. Making comparisons

Making comparisons

Making comparisons

Making comparisons can spoil your happiness. That’s one of Hector’s notes from Hector and the Search for Happiness. And I more and more find it true.

And so I less and less indulge in comparisons.

This morning I ran south on the Iron Horse Regional Trail. Day before yesterday I ran north. And two days before that I’d run southward for the very first time.

Today was an open door for comparisons: southbound trail compared to northbound, two days heading south compared to one another. What did I see different on the several runs? All sorts of comparisons.

As I watched a woman with a tremendously friendly face and plastic bag in hand carefully look through the high grass for her dog’s deposit, I realized I didn’t need or want to search out comparisons between today’s run and any other run.

Every moment has its own joy, its own meaning, its own spark. The moments I might spend comparing today’s woman and her saintly patient dog with any previous heart-catching sights only robs me of the present moment. And seeing, loving still more blessings.

Making comparisons can spoil your happiness. No way!

Good friend God,
the beauty and blessing you create in every moment
are without comparison.
Each and every one shines bright all on its own.
My human mind seeks to distinguish one from another
by finding their similarities and differences.
I adore your reminders that every moment is its own.
As I can celebrate each moment as it is, that it is, and
that I can celebrate it, I am thankful.
Comparing requires a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’.
Your creation is without loss.Your creation is victory always.
All ways.
And so it is. Thank you, God.

Love and blessings,



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