The light from the work we love

A few weeks ago, the chaplain team at Unity Church of the Hills had our individual photos taken. Joni McClain of Love and Light Images did her usual fantastic job with the camera.

It’s so wonderful to witness true love flowing between a person and the work s/he performs.  And that love does not just flow from the person to the work. The love flows in both directions.

A wonderful example of receiving from what we give.

Every time I see Joni work with her camera, I witness two-way love. She gives love in many directions: love to the person photographed, love to the process of taking pictures, love to the foreseen results, love to the very fact that she’s blessed with the talent she possesses.

And the love returning to Joni is tangible. I’ve seen chaplain after chaplain love sitting on a not-so-comfy stool and sending their love to Joni (and her camera).

And don’t I love her photos!


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