Keep the Dream


We can still keep the dream.

Martin Luther King Jr’s famous I have a dream speech delivered in Washington, DC, August 28, 1963, will never be forgotten. It should never be forgotten. Not his speech—the most famous words of which were ad-libbed—and certainly not his dream can ever be lost to memory.

Now is the time and here is the place and we are the owners of the dream. We have the opportunity to renew the dream. To put it forth full-force and to make it real. The dream did not die with Dr. King’s death less than 5 years after his speech.

While his dream—an end to racism—lives on, we have an opportunity, a true duty to our world, our human race, and to each individual Self. The dream may go by several names:

A New World

Let us today open our minds and our hearts to see fully the world of which we are each a part. We can see a world of one people: every individual and the total human race as expressions of Spirit. That Supreme Being can go by any name we choose—God, Allah, Elohim, Yahweh, Buddha. The truth is our opportunity to see and know that all of us are children of the Spirit, no matter the name. As we look beyond the world we know as nations, tribes, religions, political stands, we have the power to see us all as One, as All, as children of Spirit. If we allow ourselves to be friends shaking hands, saying ‘how do you do’ even continents apart, we’re really saying I love you!

I offer these suggestions:

A New Peace

From the New World that we have the power to create comes the New Peace. Peace resides and speaks and grows and shines in every single heart. Starting today and continuing from today, ours is the chance to make that the New Peace, to feel it, to know it, to let it flow from our hearts to our minds. And from our minds the New Peace instructs our voices what to say, our faces how broadly to smile, our arms how warmly to embrace one another. Peace is too often addressed only as what is desired (yet too often missing) between countries, races, political parties. Peace is so much more fundamental than that. Truth is that peace exists in each and all of us. It starts there. It has the power every time we share our personal New Peace with others.

If you’re wondering how you might generate the New Peace, consider

Now, be sure to share your creativity….Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, bulletin boards, telephone poles.

A New Blessing

A blessing is a gift, a present of the grace of God. Let’s fashion and share a New Blessing. As we each have the divine blessing of Spirit, we are each co-creators of the good that Spirit is. We can be and make and share the New Blessing that is our 2021 expression of love and joy. We can share the New Blessing in any of a hundred or a thousand ways.

Blessings are a lot like prayers. Praying provides a good way and a good place to share your New Blessing. You might also

Prayer That We Still Have a Dream

Good Friend God,
this special day we celebrate our power to dream
and our energy to make our dreams come true.
The joy and love, the grace and faith you give to us
enable us to co-create and manifest with you
the New World we want now as ours.
It is a world that knows only peace, only equality,
and surely only love.

The peace our New World knows is built
from our New Peace. The New Peace reaches from
every heart of every one of us to the hearts of everyone
of every nation, tribe, race, and opinion.

The New World and the New Peace are fueled
and carried as our New Blessing, a blessing
from you to us to share with all that is,
to share our thanks and our intention,
our commitment and our strength.

We thank you, Spirit, for our
New World and our New Peace and our New Blessing.
And so it is. And so we gladly let it be! Amen.

Love & blessings,



18 January 2021

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