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Healing Peace

Healing Peace

Illness, malady, pain are appropriately called “disease” — dis-ease. They disrupt our easiness. They interrupt our peacefulness.

We might call them dis-peace, as well.

When we experience healing, we feel a welcome return of peace. Or perhaps it’s a welcome return to peace. Either way, the power of healing rejoins us with peace. Actually, it awakens our consciousness of Peace. It allows our minds, through the gladness in our hearts, to recognize again the Perfect Peace that is Spirit.

I don’t see that it matters which comes first: the healing or the peace.  Some might say, “I do not know the peace of wellness until my dis-ease departs.” Others might offer, “My physical being doesn’t begin to heal until my mind realizes peace.”

I used to suffer seasonal allergies. I felt them coming as soon as the news announcer said the pollen count was high. I felt them going away as soon as I walked into the doctor’s waiting room. My mind drew to me the experience of dis-ease. My mind drew to me the experience of wellness.

Wellness is one more realization of the Peace I am, the Peace you are.  Blessed with the Peace of our Being, we can experience the wellness as we choose. Peace is healing. It is Healing Peace. We may focus healing on our physical costume. It may as well be to our mental presence. It may most certainly be for our spiritual awareness. We get to choose. We get to realize the Healing Peace.

Healing Peace,
your Presence is ever with us,
ever within us,
ever upholding us.
The Peace we are comes of your Power
to know our Self as perfect,
to love our every cell as healthy,
to know our very Being blessed with Peace.
That Peace removes concern for the state of our bodies.
That Peace refreshes clarity within our mind.
That Peace opens our hearts to our Oneness.
Peace heals us of concerns and issues,
raises our consciousness beyond physical.
Healing Peace is our gift from You
and we are thankful.
So it is. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace. Express Peace.



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