Expressing Peace. Oneness. 81.



“It is in this awareness of oneness that we find our peace.” (Practicing the Presence, Joel Goldsmith)

For me, Goldsmith’s statement brings up the conundrum: Which came first…?

It is not a troublesome conundrum. In fact, I rather enjoy it. Which does come first: awareness that we are One as Spirit or the experience of Peace (Spirit)?

I feel certain that for half of us (plus or minus half again), the awareness that we are One with GOD creates our fulfillment with Peace. For the other half (give or take 50%), we experience in our hearts true Peace which tells us clearly of Oneness.

I am even more sure that for me it doesn’t matter which comes first. Oneness = Peace = Oneness = Peace…..

How about for you?

Good Friend GOD,
I gladly put aside my mind,
my human curiosity about cause and effect
and process and procedure
and the order in which things happen.
I lean back in the joy of knowing the truth
that you and I are One
and in that One is everyone
and every thing
and every place.
Knowing that surrounds me, fills me with Peace.
You and I are Peace
and in that Peace is everyone
and every thing
and every place.
Knowing that reminds me, secures me
that we are One.
Thank you, GOD.
And so we are. Amen. Amen.

Enjoy Peace as One. As One express Peace.

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