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Morning Prayer 31/100. Now and then

“Now and then” suggests separation and, at the same time, connection. Now: this very moment that is ever changing as the where and when of reality; and then: time gone by and so literally gone, except in the memory. And there’s the throw-away phrase “now and then” which means “every once in a while, almost without thought, a […]

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Morning Prayer 11/100. Sitting still

I am sitting still. I am moving at jet speed. Both are true. Each is a blessing. [Note: this was drafted in flight Thursday 7/16] United flight 1591 is at 35,000 feet and on the way to San Francisco. Cindy’s and my vacation started officially when the wheels left the ground. We cannot get to […]

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Morning Prayer 8/100. Listening is loving

Listening is loving. My mom clearly distinguished listening from hearing. She reminded me (frequently) all it took to hear was my ears. What it takes to listen is my mind. How often I heard, “I know you hear me, but are you listening to me?” Listening is a conscious action. Listening to another person shows that […]

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Morning Prayer 5/100. Saharan dust

Saharan dust has been around much longer than we’ve been thinking the world is getting smaller. The brownish haze noticed lately across Southeast and Central Texas is current proof of what’s been true for as long as there’s been this planet, as long as we’ve been on it. We’re all connected…in some ways. What goes […]

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