Peace in our political world

Seal of SCOTUS

Peace in our world

Spirit of All Good, I affirm my faith and confidence
in the power of Divine Order and Divine Being in all of us.
I affirm our political peace.

The time is right for peace in our political world. Many of us want a specific result from the US Senate’s vote to seat or not to seat someone as Supreme Court Justice. To ask for that is to intensify the sense of opposition that seems to be the crux of our political melee currently.

We have from You the wonderful freedom to have and even to express our opinions. As we are human and possess the human ego, different opinions lead to a right v. wrong division.

The advice to “Let go and let God” is often offered. The second half of that is hard when and if we are concerned that we must get our way for it is the right way. And perhaps the “let God” half is hard because we suspect that human, non-spiritual stuff like politics and Supreme Court appointments do not matter to You. And so, we should not let go.

But You do care, for we are Your creation, Your expression of what is divine. You may not care about the ins and outs and ups and downs the black and white and gray of our everyday stuff. But You do care that we are spiritually aware, even spiritually happy and in peace.

Whether You purposely teach us lessons by the things that sculpt our daily life, I’ll not guess. I do not doubt, though, that at least You give us opportunities to learn, to learn about our spiritual Being, about  configuration as I AM, about the ultimate joy of knowing and living the Oneness of You.

Praying for Political Peace

So, Ever Presence, I affirm as much to me
as to You that I am faithful
that any outcome in tomorrow’s Senate vote
is and will be for the best.
That is so no matter how difficult it is to see both sides
as best.

Power of our Being, I affirm with gratitude
the ultimate, the complete, the eternal Peace
of which all of us are made. And so
I affirm the Peace I AM
as present as every one of us
and as consciously allowing all of us
to see and be thankful it is in all of us.

Knowledge Supreme, You give us our wisdom
and You make True Knowledge possible for our God-minds.
That lets me know tomorrow’s results are entirely human.
Our Being—Peace, Love, Joy—allows us to see and be
beyond the separation our egos drive.

It is difficult, Sweet Spirit, to give thanks
for what allows the tumult present among us now.
Yet it is the powerful freedom with which You bless us
that allows the tumult to occur.
It is the wonderful faith with which You fill us
that allows us to anticipate the best of peace.
even political peace.
And so it is. And so we choose to let it be.

Love and blessings,



5 October 2018

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