Return to Morning Prayer: 38/100. No Lost Balls.


So glad to return. So long away. Weeks of thinking/worrying what to say, how to return, where to re-begin.

I’d taken almost as much time away from golf. Busy at work was my initial barrier. Then after time away, the fear of returning to the golf course was in my way.

Opened this morning; it feels so right to get back on the road to Morning Prayer 100/100. Get there or not. Get there in 68 more days or 680 more days. Or not at all. It feels so right just to be on the road.

And last Friday, I played a return-to-the-course round of golf. I played better than I’ve ever played. Whoooeee.

Not because I hit my lowest score ever (I didn’t.). Nor because I hit that many outstanding shots. Nope. Because I finished the round with my starting 3 balls. Because I played 18 holes and did not lose a ball to water or woods or high grass.

Journeying the golf course Friday, I found myself enjoying every aspect: sunny afternoon, perfect course conditions, occasional good shot, and that I am able to play. Then making the turn between holes 9 and 10, I realized I had not lost a ball. In my pocket were the same 3 Nike balls from the start of the round.

Not unusual for me to go through 6-9 balls in a single round of golf. The possibility of finishing with the first 3 I put in my pocket motivated me with accomplishment, warned me with caution.

Balancing those, I played with care and with enjoyment. When I finished the 18th hold, I reveled in the high mark of losing none of the golf balls.

Putting the 3 balls in my bag and my bag in my car, I philosophized: What does it mean not to lose something? And when the something is more valuable, more important than golf balls?

What does it mean not to lose patience? Not to lose a friend? Not to  lose authenticity — or my continuing efforts towards authenticity? Not to lose the fervor for Morning Prayer: 1/100…14/100…38/100..73/100?

Good Friend God,
the pleasure of knowing what matters,
the joy of not losing what counts,
the blessings of realizing their value:
these are blessings given to our heart.
We sometimes step away or look the other direction
or let our mind become busy of its own.
That can be our reminder
of what we have not lost, what we never truly lose,
but only lose sight of.
We thank you, God, for our return, for the joy it brings,
for the peace is imparts.
We thank you, God, your love is ours
never to lose.
And so it is. Amen.

Love and blessings,

30 May 2016

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