Morning Prayer 33/100. Steady pace

Moving at a steady pace is most often your best bet. I went out to run earlier than usual one morning last week. All along the way, a 10-yard stretch of grass separates sidewalk from boulevard. I rounded a curve and came upon a doe and two fawn, perhaps 3 weeks old, grazing on that […]

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Morning Prayer 32/100. Spiritual sketching

Always a doodler and lately drawn to serious drawing, I’ve loved discovering spiritual sketching. Scribbling and doodling — just making marks on the page — have always had appeal. Yet, I recently noticed the several sketch pads and colored pencils and drawing pens I’ve collected but never put to use. So I signed up for […]

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Morning Prayer 31/100. Now and then

“Now and then” suggests separation and, at the same time, connection. Now: this very moment that is ever changing as the where and when of reality; and then: time gone by and so literally gone, except in the memory. And there’s the throw-away phrase “now and then” which means “every once in a while, almost without thought, a […]

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Morning Prayer 25/100. Who I am

Who I am is the essence of self-awareness. Knowing one’s Self is knowing one’s worth, one’s joy, and one’s strength. Perhaps, the simplest (but not easiest) exploration of one’s true self-knowledge is this: Turn around “who I am” into the question “who am I?” Ask and answer. Honestly. Ask again and answer again. And again […]

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