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Expressing Peace. Agreements. 98.

Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements fulfills by its message, its intention, and its simplicity. That fulfillment is experiencing the peace living the Four Agreements brings. Be impeccable with your word. When you speak the truth, mean what you say and fulfill what you promise, you never have any reason to worry about your words. […]

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Expressing Peace. Unpeace Scenario. 89.

A brief recount of the Unpeace Scenario, by Tim Wright. Middle of the afternoon, a good friend asked for help with an online favor. I was in the absolute middle of a project I needed and wanted to finish today. I was eager to help because I always want good thoughts. I took a deep […]

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Expressing Peace. Waiting in Line. 73.

At a breakfast meeting this morning, Cindy and I were waiting in line to fill our plates. The line moved quickly. The others were friendly. The food supply was ample. And as I stepped, stopped, stepped, stopped, stepped my way to the scrambled eggs and hash brown potatoes, I realized today’s topic. Research from Cal […]

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Expressing Peace. Intentions. 58.

“Intention is the starting point of every dream…… Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention.” (Deepak Chopra) My intention is more than what I think I want. Expressing intentions connects my heart purpose (passion, desire) with the Universe. My intentions put it out there as I am knowing that what I believe is […]

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