Expressing Peace. Inner Peace (2). 96.

This will be our second look at inner peace. 83 posts ago we listed different ways to identify, define, experience our individual inner peace. Today we will take a sampling of 12 ways to achieve that inner peace. I’ve encountered, read, and sampled dozens of suggestions to get to one’s inner peace. During the past […]

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Expressing Peace. Rain’s Peace. 84.

Weather forecast for today and tomorrow: rain. Steady, needed, welcomed rain. Not everyone’s Gene Kelly. Some see downpours as interruptions, showers as bothers, and even drizzles as nuisances. There’s no poem asking the sun to go away and come again another day. However, rain does provide peace in many ways, many forms, and many meanings. […]

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Expressing Peace. Poo. 76.

She was truly graceful, scraping dog poo from her sandal’s sole on the grass between the sidewalk and the parking lot. As I ran past, I raised my arms in supplication. “It wasn’t my dog! I always pick up after…” In a single expression she smiled and growled, “It makes me so mad!” Perhaps 50 strides down the […]

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Expressing Peace. Forgiveness Is Peace. 43.

Forgiveness brings Peace. Peace in turn allows and encourages forgiveness. Walking this afternoon, I realized that forgiveness gives calm removes the grudge we carried frees us from feeling guilty and from seeing guilt in others takes away our judgement moves us forward opens our hearts lets us hold hands, if only in our hearts shows […]

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