Prayerful Life: 2 weeks’ review

Being back to Prayerful Life for the last two weeks has been so much fun and energy. Seems worth a quick review — and a chance for you to look back at one or more of the posts more closely. Memorial Day Thanksgiving A simple reminder of the role people in service play, the protection […]

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Haggling with God.

Haggling is not my thing. That’s probably why I love Hafiz’s poem “Manic Screaming”. We should make all spiritual talk Simple today: God is trying to sell you something, But you don’t want to buy. That is what your suffering is: Your fantastic haggling Your manic screaming over the price! Rings true to me. The […]

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Return to Running…and to Prayerful Life.

Thanksgiving Day I ran the Georgetown (TX) 5 Mile Turkey Trot. First road race in quite a few years. June of this year I posted the previous Prayerful Life piece. Today then marks the first post in several months. I began running in 1980. In 1999 I began praying with something near the fervor of […]

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Morning Prayer: 41/100. Light!

Last week one fluorescent tube in our laundry room gave up after 2 weeks’ flickering. After removing the fixture cover, taking out the tube with the blackened end and its partner, I gathered two tubes that have been in the garage since we moved into the house. Not sure if they were parting gifts from […]

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