Good Fruit. Unexpected Blessings.

Sunlight’s strewed across the maple syrup brown concrete floor. My barefoot takes cool from the floor. Across the lobby’s expanse, day’s end sun carves shadows four, five times taller than the metal door frames. One door clatters open, startles me. Older woman, maybe, almost elfin and with two cloth satchels that pull her arms down […]

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Return to Morning Prayer: 38/100. No Lost Balls.

So glad to return. So long away. Weeks of thinking/worrying what to say, how to return, where to re-begin. I’d taken almost as much time away from golf. Busy at work was my initial barrier. Then after time away, the fear of returning to the golf course was in my way. Opened this morning; […]

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Expressing Peace. Coffee. 20.

As I took the last sip of my first cup of coffee this morning, I realized a special peace. It’s the special peace I take every morning as I pour water into Mr. Coffee. And the peace from scooping special beans into the grinder, pressing the cover down and enjoying 15 seconds of whirrr. I […]

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My Thank You Path

Imagine a path. Imagine it beautiful and inviting. Mine is through a canopy of trees. Sunshine flickers through the leaves and pebbles the path with light. I start off on the path, walking slowly. I allow each foot to fall softly on the soft earth. As one foot touches down, I say, “Thank you, God.”  […]

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