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Praying Made Easy. 1. Work Day Prayer.

“Praying made easy” (and a good work day prayer) seems a good idea considering how often I hear people express difficulty with their praying. This new series is to offer comfort and support to anyone and everyone who wants greater ease with their praying. Not sure how long it will run. I know I’ve now […]

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Good Monday Is Not an Oxymoron.

Monday gets talked about a great deal. Not much of the talk is about how great it is. Since it is 1/7 of our time, let’s consider it from other perspectives. One Wednesday 22 years ago, I was in Reagan National Airport, waiting to catch a plane. I was 56 years old at the time. […]

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Expressing Peace. Exhaustion. 94.

Exhaustion happens. It happens physically. It happens mentally. It can even happen spiritually. Physical exhaustion comes from over-extending our bodily energy and strength. It’s just wearing ourselves out. It comes from working, from working out, from running out of fuel. Mental exhaustion comes from wrestling to solve a problem or racing to finish a project […]

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Expressing Peace. Front Porch after Supper. 68.

I know wonderful peace from my front porch after supper. The day–the work day–is done. I am slowing down; I enjoy the outside world slowing down around me. The air has more weight than at 6:45 this morning as the sky lightened. The light now softens. Sounds, even of the few cars passing right in […]

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